Water Pollution and Abatement Policy in India

Water Pollution and Abatement Policy in India

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Chakraborty Debesh
EAN: 9789401789288
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India has been traditionally well-endowed with large freshwater reserves, but increasing population, urbanization and agricultural growth in recent decades are causing overexploitation of surface and groundwater. As consumption of water grows, wastewater increases significantly and in the absence of proper measures for treatment and management, is polluting existing freshwater reserves. As a result, water pollution has emerged as one of the nation’s gravest environmental threats.

This book draws a link between water pollution generated by different industries and the various economic activities of the Indian economy using the Input-output framework. It constructs a detailed water pollution coefficient matrix involving different types of water pollutants. The book estimates the total amount of water pollution generated directly and indirectly in different sectors and activities, and also calculates the water pollution content in India’s foreign trade sector. It also accounts for defensive expenditure from water pollution and estimates Green GDP for the extent and scope of environmental challenges. Analysis of the result indicates the variation in the pollution content of different economic activities. Finally, the book offers a portfolio of policies and assesses the implications of such policies on pollution generation in India.

EAN 9789401789288
ISBN 9401789282
Typ produktu Pevná väzba
Vydavateľ Springer
Dátum vydania 28. júla 2014
Stránky 259
Jazyk English
Rozmery 235 x 155
Krajina Netherlands
Čitatelia Professional & Scholarly
Autori Chakraborty Debesh; Mukhopadhyay Kakali
Ilustrácie XXV, 259 p. 6 illus.
Edícia 2014 ed.
Séria Global Issues in Water Policy