Divorcing Children

Divorcing Children

AngličtinaMäkká väzba
Scan, Dr Lesley
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
EAN: 9781843101031
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Drawing on a three-year multidisciplinary study of children of divorced parents, the authors, leading academics in their fields, present a much-needed guide to understanding the experience of children who are experiencing parental separation. This book provides an in-depth account of how children are actively involved in the process of divorce and how they shape that experience. The topics discussed include how children find out that their parents are separating; how children tell other people about what is happening to them and their family; how parent-child relationships change after separation and ways in which children adapt and cope during and immediately after their parents' divorce.

The authors show what children want and need to know as the process of divorce unfolds and how professionals can respond appropriately to help them to understand and adjust to their changing circumstances. Divorcing Children addresses the weaknesses of current legislation in family justice and suggests ways of improving the skills and knowledge of all professionals who work with children during this difficult period in children's lives.

EAN 9781843101031
ISBN 1843101033
Typ produktu Mäkká väzba
Vydavateľ Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Dátum vydania 15. augusta 2003
Stránky 240
Jazyk English
Rozmery 232 x 154 x 16
Krajina United Kingdom
Čitatelia Professional & Scholarly
Autori Butler, Professor Ian; Douglas, Miss Gillian; Murch, Prof Mervyn; Robinson, Margaret G; Scan, Dr Lesley