Racist, Not Racist, Antiracist Language and the Dynamic Disaster of American Racism

Racist, Not Racist, Antiracist Language and the Dynamic Disaster of American Racism

AngličtinaPevná väzba
Harper, Leland
Lexington Books
EAN: 9781793640420
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“Hey, that was kind of racist.”

“I'm not a racist! I have Black friends.”

This exchange highlights a problem with how people in the United States tend to talk about racially tricky situations. As Racist, Not Racist, Antiracist: Language and the Dynamic Disaster of American Racism explores, such situations are ordinarily categorized as either racist or not racist (or, in other cases, as antiracist). The problem is, there are often situations that are racially not good, but that we do not want to categorize as racist, either. However, since we don’t have the language to describe this in-between, we are forced to fall back on the racist/not racist/antiracist trinary, which tends to shut down productive discussion. This is especially true for white people, who tend to take claims of racism—be they interpersonal or institutional—as a personal attack. This is problematic, not only because it means that white people never learn about their own racially troubling behaviors, but also because such fragility keeps them from being able to engage in productive discussions about systemic racial oppression. Leland Harper and Jennifer Kling demonstrate how expanding our racial vocabulary is crucial for the attainment of justice equally enjoyed by all.

EAN 9781793640420
ISBN 1793640424
Typ produktu Pevná väzba
Vydavateľ Lexington Books
Dátum vydania 3. októbra 2022
Stránky 134
Jazyk English
Rozmery 239 x 160 x 17
Krajina United States
Čitatelia Professional & Scholarly
Autori Harper, Leland; Kling, Jennifer
Séria Philosophy of Race