Helping College Students Write A Guide for Educators

Helping College Students Write A Guide for Educators

EnglishPaperback / softback
Harrison Laura M.
Taylor & Francis Ltd
EAN: 9781032505039
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Although many educators want to help their students overcome their writing challenges, most higher education instructors do not have formal training in teaching writing. This book provides a detailed roadmap for college educators to help students make substantial improvements in their writing, particularly in courses where writing is a component, but not the primary focus.

This accessible guide offers conceptual tools and practical strategies, including lesson plans, stock comments instructors can use to explain frequently occurring writing problems, and writing prompts to help struggling students address writer’s block. Covering topics such as managing grading time, reducing students’ anxiety about writing, giving clear and formative feedback, troubleshooting, and providing practical tips for helping ESL students, this book is a one-stop shop for assisting students across academic disciplines.

By implementing the guidance offered in this manual, college and university faculty and instructors can guide students effectively and efficiently in improving their writing.

EAN 9781032505039
ISBN 1032505036
Binding Paperback / softback
Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date August 1, 2024
Pages 184
Language English
Dimensions 229 x 152
Country United Kingdom
Authors Balarabe, Oumarou Abdoulaye; Challenger, Becky; Harrison Laura M.; Morgenstern Erin
Illustrations 7 Tables, black and white