Payment options


You can pay for purchased goods in one of the following ways:

Payment card

The classic way is by using a payment card linked to your bank account. If you decide to pay for your books this way, you don't have to worry about your sensitive personal data - our website will redirect you to the secure payment gateway of the online payment provider GP webpay. These experts have been specializing in cashless transactions for 40 years and use the most modern security systems.


One of the most widespread ways to pay online is a PayPal account. It has been loved by millions of people around the world. You can learn more about a PayPal account on Wikipedia or directly on the PayPal website.

Cash on delivery

We will deliver the books to your door by courier (in exceptional cases, we will use the services of Slovak Post, but this only applies to the situation when, for example, you order one CD that fits in an envelope). You will pay upon delivery. You give money to the courier and they will hand you your desired books. Just a note, the courier service charges an extra fee for cash on delivery. This payment method will cost you €1.

Advance invoice (Proforma)

This method of payment means that you choose the goods, we will issue you an advance invoice (AKA proforma). As soon as you pay it by wire transfer to our account and we match the payment, we will immediately ship the goods that are in stock.

Personal pick-up - payment only in advance

If you choose personal pick-up, you'll have to pay for the goods in advance. The reason is that, in most cases, we order books from foreign publishers, and a significant part of personal pick-ups ended up uncollected. You can pick up the ordered books at our head office in Bratislava or at Oxford Bookshop Bratislava, Oxford Bookshop Banska Bystrica and Oxford Bookshop Košice.


If you are a bookseller, school or other institution, we will deliver the goods to you with an invoice. If you misplace it, you can reprint it yourself. You can always find it after logging in to our website and then going to the menu My account -> Invoice overview.

Postal order

We offer schools another method of payment, namely by postal order. You will receive textbooks and collect money from the students. Then you visit the nearest post office with the completed postal order and send the amount to us. You can read exactly how this payment works on the Slovak Post website.