One of the fundamental attitudes that Megabooks SK acknowledges is solidarity and helping the dependent. We believe that helping those less fortunate should be part of the everyday life of every individual, and that is why we strive to set an example. Last year, we decided to support a number of projects and organizations that we believe are working to improve life around us - for example, by fighting corruption or by helping families who have run into financial hardship due to a serious illness.

In 2021, we financially supported the following projects:

clovek v ohrozeni


The goal of this non-governmental organization is to help people whose fate has deprived them of human dignity and freedom - whether as a result of war, natural disasters, or authoritarian regimes. It operates not only abroad, but also in Slovakia. Their work is divided into five areas: humanitarian intervention, development cooperation, human rights, social integration and global education. The One World Documentary Film Festival, which is one of the organizations flagships, has a special position.

Podporiť ich môžete tu.



The Plamienok company helps terminally ill children to spend precious moments in the circle of their loved ones at home, instead of the hospital. The team of experts consists of doctors, psychologists, nurses, social workers and teachers. In addition to active assistance 24 hours a day in families, Plamienok also provides counseling services, where they help children and families cope with the loss of a loved one.

You can support them here .