License agreement and terms of use of electronic books and audio files

General provisions

This is an agreement between MEGABOOKS SK, spol. Ltd. ("Provider") and customers ("User"), which follows the General Terms and Conditions and regulates the conditions of use of licensed e-books and audio files from the online store and ("website").

The User is required to read carefully not only this Agreement but also other documents relating to the use of the e-books (including, but not limited to, the rules, conditions and other relevant information published on the Website ("Related Documents")). By selecting the "I agree to the license terms" box when purchasing electronic content, the user indicates his / her consent to this Agreement and all other related documents.

The Provider reserves the right to amend this Agreement and other related documents at any time and, if it does so, will publish these changes on the website without undue delay. If any provision or part of the Agreement changes or ceases to be valid or effective, this shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the other provisions of the Agreement.

The use of the website by the user following the amendment of the Agreement is considered as the user's consent to the amended wording of the Agreement.


Through the Service, a user may search, purchase licenses, download, and maintain access to digitized electronic content, such as e-books, publications, audio files, or other digital content ("Content"), in online stores on Web sites.

Change and termination of service

The Provider reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the provision of content or the operation of the Service and the User undertakes not to claim any obligations against the Provider in such a case.

This Agreement is terminated for the User if the User violates any of the provisions of this Agreement. In such a case, the user is obliged to terminate the use of the service and content and the provider is entitled to cancel the user's access to the service and / or content without the right to a refund to the user.

Guarantee, money back

The user agrees to use the service and content at his own risk and the provider is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the user in connection with the use of the service or content. The electronic content and service are provided in the current state "as is" and the provider is not responsible for any errors and omissions.

All fees made with the service are final and the user is not entitled to a refund (note: as soon as the user pays, the e-mail will receive a generated link to download the content (e-book), for which the provider must pay the licensee without the possibility of return therefore, the user cannot be offered a refund or any warranty or warranty period).

Software and supported devices

The list of supported software and devices for acquiring, displaying and using content is available on the website and is regularly updated. Prior to purchasing, the user has read this list and has agreed that he or she may only use digitally protected electronic content (DRM) through the software or device on this list. The Provider does not guarantee the functionality of electronic content displayed on devices that are not on this list.

The user is aware that digital protected content (DRM) can only be used on dedicated devices after registering and obtaining a free account and username (Adobe ID) with the administrator of these digitally protected works, which is ADOBE. The exact instructions can be found on the website.

Access to content

After paying the relevant fees associated with making available the content that the user has chosen, the provider will make this content available to him. Content Access means enabling content to be downloaded over the Internet, using supported software and devices from a list published on the Website.

The user will download the content immediately, no later than 90 days after receiving the email containing the URL to download the content. From the moment the fee is paid, the URL is generated and sent to the users by e-mail, the provider's obligations are considered fulfilled.

Use of Content (License)

After purchasing and obtaining the Content, the Provider grants the User a non-exclusive consent (license) to store, view, display and use it, but only for its personal and non-commercial purposes, within the scope of this Agreement and the restrictions set out therein, for an indefinite period. The user is not entitled to sublicense or license to transfer to a third party.


The content is protected by copyright. The user may not redistribute, sell, rent, lease, distribute, sublicense, broadcast or otherwise allow third parties access to this content in whole or in part. The user may not in any way remove, circumvent or modify the digital protection (DRM) that applies to the content and undertakes not to encourage or assist third parties to do so. The user further undertakes not to use the service or content for any illegal purpose. The User is aware that the use of the content license does not transfer the intellectual property of the Provider or any of its suppliers to the content, and that the content is not sold to him, but only consent to its use (license) to the extent specified in this Agreement.


In case of any questions concerning the selection, purchase, acquisition or use of the content or regarding this Agreement, the e-mail address of the provider is available to the users.