Are all prices listed including VAT?

Yes they are.

What is an ISBN (EAN) and why should I use it?

ISBNis a unique identifier listed by the vast majority on the back of titles. For us, it is a code that helps us determine exactly which title you are interested in. If it is known to you, please mention it with each of your inquiries. For example, if you were to ask us that you are interested in the book New Headway, we would offer you a choice of 4 editions, which have a total of 6 levels and about 10 different components (textbook, workbook, teaching methodology, etc.), which represents more than 288 different titles. It is in this example that you have the opportunity to see how important it is to know the relevant ISBN :-)

Do you also send books to the Czech Republic and abroad?

As our company focuses exclusively on the Slovak market, we do not ship books abroad. This is mainly due to our exclusive collaboration with Oxford University Press, which prevents us from re-exporting all books. However, if you are interested in sending books to the Czech Republic, we recommend our friends from Megabooks CZ.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, it only depends on you whether you buy one book for a few Euros or order ten. However, if you buy for at least € 50, we will not charge you for shipping costs.

Do you also pay for personal collection when I come to pick up my order at one of the four collection points?

By no means. Personal collection is free of charge in addition to the competition, as we think that you should not pay to visit our stone bookstores.

Can you get any book?

If you have not chosen from our catalog, which contains more than 20 million titles and is one of the largest book catalogs in Europe, then we have good news for you - yes, we are also able to procure a title that is not in our offer. However, it all depends on the availability of the title.

Your catalog of English literature is indeed comprehensive. But what about other languages?

We are constantly working on the catalog and are currently launching the acquisition of a complete German language catalog. The next most popular European languages will be added gradually.

And what about exotic languages? Swahili, Greenlandic, Twi, ...?

Even such languages are not foreign to us. You can find a complete overview of them, including the titles on offer here.

Why don't you sort your search results alphabetically?

We display search results according to the algorithm of the most relevant titles, depending on, for example, the type of customer, the most popular and best-selling titles, etc. Without his help, you would get dizzy from searching in 8.1+ million titles :-)

What does it mean when a title has a "reprint" status and when will it be available again?

Reprint means that the title was so successful that all stocks were sold out and more needed to be printed. Some publishers know the exact availability date, in which case we'll display it. If the date is not known, we state the status "We do not know the date of reprint, delivery date unknown". In both cases, however, you can order the title and we will deliver it to you as soon as it is available. It is necessary to reckon with the fact that this can unfortunately take several months.

Why can't you influence the reprint date? In extreme cases, do I really have to wait a few months to reprint?

Trust us, we'd love to speed up the wait, but we're not a publisher, just a distributor.

I need to edit the order, but I can no longer edit it. What should I do now?

In this case, contact us as soon as possible by email at helpdesk@megabooks.sk or on the number 02 - 69 30 78 11 and we will be happy to help you with that.

What discounts do you provide?

Depending on the type of customer, we provide several types of discounts. End customers with us automatically have a 10% discount. In addition to the 15% discount, schools and teachers can also take advantage of our loyalty program MEGA+. Institutions that procure book acquisition through formal tenders can send us an email with a request for a quote.Of course, we guarantee a minimum 10% discount for regular purchases, except for tenders. The booksellers enter into a contractual relationship with us, on the basis of which we provide them with discounts according to the valid business conditions.

Do you guarantee me a 10% discount on each title?

Yes, except for a small group of very specific titles, for which we unfortunately cannot offer more than a 5% discount.

What is the difference between a gift voucher and a discount coupon?

The gift voucher can be purchased in our stone bookstores in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Košice, where you can also use them. Discount coupons are promo codes that you can get, for example, by subscribing to our newsletter and using them, you will get, for example, free shipping, a discount on specific titles, etc. These online codes are not for sale.

Does the delivery date for the book mean the date I actually receive the book?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases, this is the day when the courier rings and hands over your order. However, there are many factors that we cannot influence when importing and distributing books from abroad - strikes, blockades, unpredictable weather, accidents and also the human error factor, which cannot be eliminated 100%. We only trade with about 30,000 suppliers in the English Literature Catalog, which is 30,000 chances of an error. Therefore, we ask you for leniency. Trust us, we do our best to get you your book on time.

When I order multiple titles with different delivery times, do you send them to me one at a time or all at once?

The usual and at the same time most economical procedure is that as soon as we stock all the titles from your order, we will ship them immediately. However, some customers are so looking forward to their books that they are willing to pay extra for shipping individual titles. If you are one of such passionate readers, please contact us by email at helpdesk@megabooks.sk or on the number 02 - 69 30 78 11.

I registered, but for some reason I can't log in. Help!

Do not despair, you should rather contact us by email at helpdesk@megabooks.sk, and we will promptly help you with this inconvenience.