Battle Drum

Battle Drum

EnglishPaperback / softback
El-Arifi, Saara
HarperCollins Publishers
EAN: 9780008450465
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Murder. Secrets. Sacrifice.

Anoor is the first blue-blooded ruler of the Wardens’ Empire. When she is accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she must solve the mystery to save her reign.

Her beloved, Sylah, braves new lands to find a solution for the hurricane that threatens to destroy her home. But should she sacrifice her old life to raise her sword once more?

The spy, Hassa, finds herself on a trail of crimes in the city. Her search uncovers the true extent of the empire’s atrocities.

The three women find their answers – but at what cost to their world?


‘Epic, gripping, and searing’ Sue Lynn Tan

EAN 9780008450465
ISBN 0008450463
Binding Paperback / softback
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date May 25, 2023
Pages 448
Language English
Dimensions 234 x 153 x 34
Country United Kingdom
Authors El-Arifi, Saara
Series Ending Fire