Holding the Baby

Holding the Baby

Frizzell, Nell
Transworld Publishers Ltd
EAN: 9781787635944
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'My favourite person on the politics of parenthood' Pandora Sykes

'Exhilarating, infuriating, urgent and human' Daisy Buchanan

'A blazing, brilliant read ... compassionate, convincing, funny!' Amy Liptrot

'Honest, unflinching and necessary' Sara Pascoe

'Funny and brisk ... urgent and incisive' Rob Delaney

'A timely and important book' Clover Stroud

It's time to share the motherload.

A memoir culminating in a manifesto, Holding the Baby sets out to understand why we still treat early parenthood as an individual slog rather than a shared cultural responsibility. Tracing her own journey to the nadir of sleeplessness via social retreat and murderous rage, Frizzell draws on the latest research to explore:

- What effect does parenting have on your career?

- How can we make childcare affordable and fit for purpose?

- If parenting is so hard, why does anyone ever do it more than once?

Funny, reassuring and radically ambitious, Holding the Baby sheds light on the ways in which we fail new parents, and offers a rallying crying that we fight for a better alternative.

EAN 9781787635944
ISBN 1787635945
Binding Hardback
Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date March 2, 2023
Pages 352
Language English
Dimensions 223 x 146 x 31
Country United Kingdom
Readership General
Authors Frizzell, Nell