Mr Bliss

Mr Bliss

AngličtinaAudio CD
Tolkien, John R. R.
HarperCollins Publishers
EAN: 9780007440511
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A brand new audio edition of the children’s story, written and illustrated by the author of The Hobbit and Letters from father Christmas, read by Sir Derek Jacobi.

Professor J.R.R. Tolkien invented and illustrated the book of Mr Bliss’s adventures for his own children when they were very young. The story is reproduced here exactly as he created it.

This is a complete and highly imaginative tale of eccentricity. Mr Bliss, a man notable for his immensely tall hats and for the girabbit in his garden, takes the whimsical decision to buy a motor car. But his first drive to visit friends quickly becomes a catalogue of disasters. Some of these could be blamed on Mr Bliss’s style of driving, but even he could not anticipate being hijacked by three bears.

As for what happened next – the readers, whether young or old, will want to discover for themselves. Thankfully all ended well, and even the yellow motor car with red wheels (to which Mr Bliss has taken an understandable and great dislike), came in useful at the end…

EAN 9780007440511
ISBN 0007440510
Typ produktu Audio CD
Vydavateľ HarperCollins Publishers
Dátum vydania 29. septembra 2011
Jazyk English
Rozmery 125 x 142 x 10
Krajina United Kingdom
Čitatelia General
Autori Tolkien, John R. R.
Edícia Unabridged edition