Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Gilbert, Regine M.; Springer, Berlin; 2020
Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Gilbert, Regine M.; Springer, Berlin; 2020
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What is inclusive design ? It is simple. It means that your product has been created with the intention of being accessible to as many different users as possible. For a long time, the concept of accessibility has been limited in terms of only defining physical spaces. However, change is afoot: personal technology now plays a part in the everyday lives of most of us, and thus it is a responsibility for designers of apps, web pages, and more public-facing tech products to make them accessible to all. Our digital era brings progressive ideas and paradigm shifts - but they are only truly progressive if everybody can participate.
In Inclusive Design for a Digital World , multiple crucial aspects of technological accessibility are confronted, followed by step-by-step solutions from User Experience Design professor and author Regine Gilbert. Think about every potential user who could be using your product. Could they be visually impaired? Have limited motor skills? Be deaf or hard of hearing? This book addresses a plethora of web accessibility issues that people with disabilities face. Your app might be blocking out an entire sector of the population without you ever intending or realizing it. For example, is your instructional text full of animated words and Emoji icons? This makes it difficult for a user with vision impairment to use an assistive reading device, such as a speech synthesizer, along with your app correctly. In Inclusive Design for a Digital World , Gilbert covers the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 requirements, emerging technologies such as VR and AR, best practices for web development, and more.
As a creator in the modern digital era, your aim should be to make products that are inclusive of all people. Technology has, overall, increased connection and information equality around the world. To continue its impact, access and usability of such technology must be made a priority, and there is no better place to get started than Inclusive Design for a Digital World .
What You'll Learn

The moral, ethical, and high level legal reasons for accessible design

Tools and best practices for user research and web developers

The different types of designs for disabilities on various platforms

Familiarize yourself with web compliance guidelines

Test products and usability best practices
Understand past innovations and future opportunities for continued improvement Who This Book Is For
Practitioners of product design, product development, content, and design can benefit from this book.
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Paperback / softback
Springer, Berlin
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235 x 156 x 17
Professional & Scholarly
Gilbert, Regine M.
18 SW-Abb., 72 Farbabb.
1st ed.
Design Thinking
14 539 121
2 778 982
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