The The Actor's Survival Guide How to Make Your Way in Hollywood

Robbins, Jon S.; Bloomsbury Specialist; 2019
The The Actor's Survival Guide How to Make Your Way in Hollywood

The The Actor's Survival Guide How to Make Your Way in Hollywood

Robbins, Jon S.; Bloomsbury Specialist; 2019
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The Actor's Survival Guide: How to Make Your Way in Hollywood is a handbook and guide to the business of living and working as an actor in the Los Angeles area.

From the experience of relocating to LA to the casting process, to identifying (and finding work with) the key players in the film and television industry, it offers a business-centered road map through the pitfalls and wrong turns that hinder too many promising careers and frustrate even the most dedicated of actors, and - for those who have the skills and determination to persevere - provides an extra competitive edge of experience and know-how.

This second edition features a number of new sections and features including:
· Recent census data for the Los Angeles County Neighborhood Statistics
· New data of casting diversity with the most recent SAG/AFTRA data
· Changes in the contracts for film, television and stage, including information on AEA's new Hollywood Equity Waiver policy
· Details on new contracts for Film, Television, and New Media; ongoing contract negotiations for Video Game contract and the ramifications of the SAG/AFTRA merger.
· The role of Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Motion Capture (MOCAP) in the actor's toolbox.
· Renewed emphasis on set safety after several high profile deaths involving stunt performers.
· Audition workshops and recent prosecutions of casting directors for "Pay for Play" violations.
· The emerging role of social media in an actor's marketing strategy.
· The dos and don'ts of video self-taping of auditions
· An expanded Glossary to include New Media and performance capture vocabulary

Written from the perspective of a working actor and experienced career-guidance teacher, Jon S. Robbins, this unique guide will help aspiring actors bridge the gap between training in drama schools and working in the epicentre of the film and television industries.
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Paperback / softback
Bloomsbury Specialist
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235 x 156 x 14
Tertiary Education
Robbins, Jon S.
20 bw illus
2. Aufl.
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