Fields of Death (Wellington and Napoleon 4)

Fields of Death (Wellington and Napoleon 4)

EnglishPaperback / softback
Scarrow Simon
Headline Publishing Group
EAN: 9780755324408
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THE FIELDS OF DEATH is the epic final novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Wellington and Napoleon Quartet. Essential reading for fans of Bernard Cornwell.

1809. Viscount Wellington and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte have made their mark as military commanders. Lifelong enemies, they both believe their armies are strong enough to destroy any rival. But in war victory can never be certain.

While Wellington's success continues in Spain, Napoleon feels the sting of failure. Yet despite a disastrous Russian campaign and humiliating defeat at Leipzig, he persists in fighting on.

With Napoleon's power waning, the newly titled Duke of Wellington is perfectly placed to crush the tyrant. But his enemy refuses to surrender, and so the two giants must face a final reckoning on the bloody battlefield of Waterloo...

EAN 9780755324408
ISBN 0755324404
Binding Paperback / softback
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Publication date November 11, 2010
Pages 704
Language English
Dimensions 196 x 130 x 48
Country United Kingdom
Readership General
Authors Scarrow Simon
Illustrations Maps
Series Wellington and Napoleon Quartet