Terrible Maps

Terrible Maps

Howe, Michael
HarperCollins Publishers
EAN: 9780008641597
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The joys of the world, one terrible map at a time – this is the ultimate gift book for the budding geographer or anyone who wants to have a laugh.

Ever wondered about the average jean colour across the United States? Or what ‘pedestrians’ look like in Denmark? What unites Brokenwind, Upton Snodsbury and Crackpot? And have you ever tried to take a train in Antarctica? Well Terrible Maps is the book for you!

Put together by the creator behind the tremendously popular social media feed, this is the ultimate humour book for the budding geographer in your life. From countries that eat their national animals to nations that have declared war on birds (and lost), Terrible Maps celebrates pointless cartography in all its glory. Don’t leave home without it!

EAN 9780008641597
ISBN 0008641595
Binding Hardback
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date October 12, 2023
Pages 176
Language English
Dimensions 196 x 176 x 18
Country United Kingdom
Authors Howe, Michael
Illustrations 80 col illus