I Will Die in a Foreign Land

I Will Die in a Foreign Land

Pickhart, Kalani
Transworld Publishers Ltd
EAN: 9781529903355
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Winner of the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award
Best Book of the Year - New York Public Library, Cosmopolitan, Independent Book Review

''Pickhart''s story is powerful, boldly imaginative, rich in history and feeling, charged with events that have occurred since it was written - and which summon up the same force of the history that compelled an American author to write about this "foreign land".'' The Times

2014 Kyiv, Ukraine. The city is poised on a knife-edge as tensions mount around a corrupt government''s increasing ties to Russia. As protests erupt across the city, the fates of four individuals come together. Katya is a Ukrainian-American doctor stationed at a makeshift medical clinic treating wounded protesters; Misha is an engineer originally from Pripyat, near Chernobyl, grieving the death of his wife; Slava is a fiery young activist whose past hardships steel her determination; Aleksandr Ivanovich, a former KGB agent, climbs atop a burned-out bus at Independence Square and plays the piano.

In this dazzling, inventive debut novel - set during the ''Revolution of Dignity'' - Kalani Pickhart weaves together a rich tapestry of voices to create a moving story about beauty, love and survival during tumultuous times.

EAN 9781529903355
ISBN 1529903351
Binding Ebook
Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date September 22, 2022
Pages 336
Language English
Country United Kingdom
Authors Pickhart, Kalani